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New Product Starts Killing Fleas & Ticks Within 15 Minutes

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PHOENIX – March 16, 2011 – Summer is right around the corner and we are all itching to be outdoors, but with the warmer weather comes the itch of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes bites. The continuous feeding of fleas on dogs may result in a hypersensitivity skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis, while deer ticks may transmit Lyme disease and mosquitoes pose danger as a major carrier of canine heartworms.

Just one application of Bio Spot Defense Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs provides fast acting and long lasting flea, tick and mosquito protection for up to one month. The etofenprox and (S)-methoprene formula starts killing fleas and ticks within 15 minutes. It kills and repels mosquitoes for up to four weeks and prevents flea development for more than two months. Ideal for indoor and outdoor dogs, Bio Spot Defense Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs has a fresh clean scent and is water resistant to continue killing fleas and ticks in humid and wet conditions.

“The etofenprox in the new Bio Spot Defense kills the fleas on contact that can cause allergy dermatitis and the deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease; and kills and repels the mosquitoes that are a major carrier of canine heartworms,” said Steve LeVeau, senior marketing manager for Central Life Sciences. “The insect growth regulator in the formula, (S)-methoprene, kills flea eggs and prevents flea larvae from developing into biting, breeding adults for up to two-and-a-half months, breaking the flea life cycle.”

Bio Spot Defense Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs is packaged in color-coded single dose tubes to ensure each dog receives the proper amount. Tubes are available in five weight categories; blue tubes for toy size dogs weighing 6 to 12 pounds, yellow tubes for small dogs between 13 and 31 pounds, green tubes for medium dogs between 32 and 55 pounds, red tubes for large dogs between 56 and 80 pounds and orange tubes for extra-large dogs over 80 pounds. Bio Spot Defense is available in three-month and six-month supply packages. Each package is in a convenient plastic box that closes to retain remaining doses and has a treatment schedule to track proper frequency of use.

Bio Spot Defense Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs mixes with the dog’s normal skin and hair oils to spread naturally over the dog’s entire body as he moves. Although the dog’s skin and hair oils will distribute the product, brushing the dog 12 to 24 hours after application will help the product reach all over his skin. This product is water resistant and remains efficacious following exposure to rainfall or swimming; it also contains lanolin for coat conditioning.

“Bio Spot Defense Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs contains etofenprox, the same active ingredient found in Bio Spot® Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Cats, to help reduce concern for cross-species contact in mixed cat/dog households,” added LeVeau. “It is important that consumers never use flea and tick control products for dogs on cats. They should only use products labeled for cats on cats.”

For more information about the complete line of Bio Spot® flea and tick products, visit: www.biospot.com.

Central Life Sciences combines the best of Wellmark International and Farnam Companies, Inc. Our new name – one part life and one part science – established an enterprise committed to discovery and innovation. Wellmark’s leadership in Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) and Farnam’s strengths as one of the pet industry leaders in the animal care field demonstrates our dedication to the health and well-being of companion animals, humans and the environment. Imagine the perfect blend of technology and market responsiveness – we did, and it’s called Central Life Sciences. For more information about Central Life Sciences call (800) 234-2269 or visit www.centrallifesciences.com and click on Farnam.


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